Instructional Videos

Welcome to the Dental R.A.T. Video Library!

The videos below give you an introduction to and some training on how to use the Dental R.A.T.

Dental R.A.T. Introduction Video

The introduction video is a must see for anyone considering the Dental R.A.T. Becky Logue, the founder/inventor of the Dental R.A.T. walks you through the basics. This video covers the history, basic functionality, and the benefits (approx. 5 minutes).

Dental R.A.T Introduction Video

Software Specific Training Videos

Click on the buttons below to see Dental R.A.T. working with your favorite periodontal charting software. Note: If you don't see your software listed below do not worry the Dental R.A.T. also runs other software packages like Daisy Dental, MacPractice, Alta, Genesis, Dentech, Maxim, Panda Perio, XL Dent, etc, we just don’t have instructional videos yet. 


 If you still need perio software check out the OpChart video and take the stand-alone software for a test-drive. 

The Original Training Video

The training video is great for hygienists and dentists who want more information about how to use the Dental R.A.T. It is particularly valuable if you recently purchased a unit, or just want to brush-up on your perio charting skills. As a bonus, Becky Logue, the inventor of the Dental R.A.T. gives some incidentally great training on how to use Dentrix and Eaglesoft dental software (approx. 10 minutes).


Please note: This video includes training with Dentrix and Eaglesoft, but the Dental R.A.T. has been tested and works with other major dental software packages like PracticeWorks, Softdent, PerioExec, and even works with the Florida Probe software! If you think a training video with your favorite software would be helpful, make a request.

Dental Products Report Videocast

This short vidcast is an interview of Becky Logue by Dr. John Flucke at the ADA in Las Vegas 2006. Not exactly “hard ball,” but provides a quick overview of the operation and value the Dental R.A.T. offers (approx. 2 minutes).

Watch an Interview with Becky


Dental R.A.T./CareerFusion Webinar (40 mins.)

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