Students Learn Quickly & Maintain Chain of Asepsis The R.A.T. technology is amazing. Students learn how to incorporate the R.A.T. into clinical care quickly; in fact, sometimes more quickly than seasoned faculty members and practitioners. The use of the R.A.T. with dental hardware and software helps student clinicians maintain the chain of asepsis in the operatory. Kathleen Hodges, RDH, MS, Professor/Department Chair- Idaho State University
Dental R.A.T. Is Dedicated To Improve School Technology We would love to help your college improve their technology and help get Dental R.A.T.'s into your dental clinic! 

Our goal is to help every hygiene and dental school get their technology up to par so that the students will have experience with the computer technology they are going to be faced with. We feel it makes the student more employable and we also want your school to be their school of choice with the most current technology.

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Check out our newest foot mouse for the doctors operatories. 

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